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  • The detailed SEO reports these guys created for my website were extremely helpful. They made specific recommendations of things I should modify to have a direct impact on my website’s SEO and then he followed up to make sure I was on track. They gave me information in easy-to-understand structure, I feel like I have learned a lot.

    Broderick S. Todd

  • I knew nothing about Search Engine Optimization. Aprajita was always available to answer my questions, always did what she said she would do, and most importantly, taught me what I could do for myself. She was really instrumental in getting our self help therapy website off the ground. I’d recommend her for any kind of internet marketing project.

    Marquita J. Hughes

  • We tried to do it on our own but the more we read, the more confused we became. We knew we had SEO problems and that we wanted to start an effective link building campaign, but we needed help. Aprajita is very knowledgeable and communicated with us on every level. So far the campaign has been quite successful. The increase in sales we are seeing more than justifies the moderate cost. I’d recommend Aprajita & team anytime!!!

    Larry B. Moore

  • Linking building services helped building my restaurant’s website keyword research and search engine optimization, they have done a wonderful job, our web page appear on Google search 1st page 3 months after we published our site. They were easy and friendly to work with, professional, and trustful. They did not charge me anything on my invoice that did not make sense; they gave good advice to save my website budget for some work which was not necessary. Good job, extremely recommended.

    Debora C. Feller