All SEO companies and website owners know the importance of link building and getting other websites to link to their websites.

Getting links ranges from simply asking for a link from another website. Good luck with that method. Or you could search for dead links and ask the website owner to replace the dead link with a live link to your newly created content. You will likely have more success with this method than by asking outright for a link. Best to read regular link building blogs.

But how about sponsoring an event or getting a link from the event organizers? This is just one of eleven tips you can try out to get more links to your website.

Here are the other ten novel tips:

  • Answer questions on Quora, Yahoo, and other Q&A sites. Genuinely provide help to someone and leave a link to your post, which hopefully has a more detailed answer to their question.
  • Include the URL for your website as part of your Email Signature so people can easily link to you.
  • Few people want to develop a reputation as a troublemaker, but tactfully disagreeing in a forum by playing devil’s advocate could mean people pay greater attention to what you say. Leave your link, where applicable, in your forum post if you made an impression, and you will get more visitors to your website.
  • Not a bribe. But if there is a cause or charity you support, you could donate and request a link back to your website.
  • Get a link from a .gov site by visiting your local library, and investigate if they will let you contribute to their pages. Do they have an online newsletter? Could you provide content? Use the opportunity to place a link back to your website. Even if the library isn’t .gov, the library will still be regarded as an authoritative site.
  • Find broken links on a competing website, and write similar or even better content than what was offered by the broken link. Reach out to the webmaster of the competing website and let them know you have content to replace the broken link. This video shows how easy it is to use ahrefs. This is known as the broken link building technique.
  • Your suppliers. Who do you do business with? Get them to add links to your website.
  • Create a short one or two-minute video and post it to youtube. You don’t even need a camera. Edit videos on youtube that have a creative commons license to create a new video and leave a link to your site.
  • Check out the video of someone prominent in your niche. If there isn’t a transcription uploaded, do one and let the person know; they’ll appreciate you bothered to make an effort and likely reward you with a link back to your site.
  • You may have seen dozens of affiliate links for BuzzBundle. The software lets you track conversations in real-time in forums, Q & sites, and social media sites like Twitter. Participate in the conversations and leave a link. If you make valuable contributions, you could get bucketloads of visitors to your site. If you don’t buy BuzzBundle, you’re limited to viewing only 30% of conversations. Even with this limitation, you’re still in a better place than if you didn’t use BuzzBundle.